The Raffle for a Cause Art Union 2023/24 has now been drawn.

Winner of the first prize, a Toyota Landcruiser '79 Series with  extra modifications, valued at $139,900 was  Ticket No. 2847.  
Congratulations to Jaime from Napoleon, VIC.

Winner of the 2nd prize, $1,000 AUD was Ticket No. 2884.  
Congratulations to Renee, from Heritage Park, QLD.

Rally for a Cause would like to take this opportunity to thank all our 2023/2024 Raffle for a Cause ticket holders for supporting our raffle and the Rally for a Cause Charity.

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The ultimate all-round vehicle!

For a work vehicle - the 79 is a must-have tool of the trade, reliable and hard-working!

For off-road adventurers - the 79 will make the toughest tracks seem easy!

For caravanners - the 79 with the GVM upgrade will make towing a dream!

For the rest of us - the 79 is just a cool vehicle to have and own!

This prize vehicle comes with $48,835 in extra modifications including: -

  • Next Gen- Premium Tray
  • 4200 Lovells GVM upgrade
  • ROH Assault Mickey Thompson EXP Wheel & Tyre Package
  • Wedgetail Roof Rack
  • TJM Venturer Bar
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 The Toyota Land Cruiser 79 Series is an iconic and rugged off-road vehicle that embodies the spirit of adventure and durability. It's specifically designed to tackle challenging terrains and withstand the toughest conditions, making it a popular choice for off-road enthusiasts, explorers, and those who demand reliability in their vehicle.

 With a strong V8 engine and the ability to tow up to 3.5 tonnes, the 79 Series Land Cruiser is all set for your next adventure.

 Also fitted, is the legendary Lovells GVM 4200 Upgrade for the Land Cruiser 79 Series which is specifically designed to increase the vehicle's Gross Vehicle Mass to 4200 kilograms. This upgrade is particularly relevant for individuals or businesses that use their Land Cruiser for heavy-duty applications, such as off-road touring, carrying heavy loads, or towing substantial trailers or caravans.


CLOSING DATE: Sunday 14th April 2024

DRAW DATE: Tuesday 16th April 2024



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The Cause

Proceeds of the Raffle for a Cause Art Union go to support the charitable works of the Rally for a Cause Charity.

Rally for a Cause is a community charity based in Queensland Australia. Since 2015 we have actively supported local Fraser Coast families and individuals affected by life-limiting medical conditions and/or whose lives have been disrupted by detrimental circumstances beyond their control. In 2020 Rally for a Cause extended their services into the Sunshine Coast region.

We understand that an unexpected serious medical condition or personal family tragedy can often mean: a loss of income; costly travel expenses for treatment; expensive medical related equipment or home renovations and extended stays away from family and loved ones.

At Rally for a Cause, our goal is to work with these families and individuals in our community and try to ease the burden and financial strain where we can.